Meet the Advocates

Please meet the Mudd Advocates below! The Advocates are happy to be contacted as a group ( or individually (see contact info below).

Lisa Goeller
Lisa is a senior. She enjoys listening to vinyls, drinking tea, and watching videos of Oleg Kasynets.

Joanna Ho
North Dorm |
Joanna is a senior engineering major. In her free time, she enjoys learning to play different musical instruments (badly), watching Wes Anderson films, and napping.

Erica Martelly
North Dorm|
Erica is a senior Engineering Major. She works as a supervisor for the LAC and as a grader. You can usually find her baking, eating or online shopping.
Anna Goetter
North Dorm |
Anna is a sophomore and (probably) a joint Computer Science and Math major. She likes playing soccer, hiking, and doing anything that promotes campus consent culture!
Nisha Maheshwari
Drinkward Dorm |
Julio Medina
Linde Dorme |
Hannah Slocumb
Atwood Dorm |
Hannah Slocumb is a sophomore Chemistry major with an emphasis in Environmental Chemistry. She is originally from Fort Collins Colorado. In her limited spare time she is also a FEMunion officer and student researcher.
Sarah Sedky
Off Campus |
Sarah is a Junior CS major. She spends her free time doing yoga, going to concerts, and hanging out with her cat.