What We Do

The Mudd Advocates offers one-on-one support for survivors of sexual assault. Our goal is to provide support to survivors by listening, assessing survivors’ needs, and informing survivors about the available resources. The Advocates are NOT therapists or counselors. Should survivors want or need support from a professional, there are many accessible providers (both confidential and non-confidential) who can be found on our “Resources” page. The Advocates are also happy to help survivors learn about the various resources and seek support.

Confidentiality Policy
Our services are confidential. Although we are required by law to report anonymous, statistical information only to the Title IX coordinator, we will not disclose any identifying information.

In order to give you the best support possible, we may discuss your situation amongst ourselves in the advocates group. However, if this makes you uncomfortable, let us know, and we will not share any information that you have told us. No Harvey Mudd student, who is not an advocate, will ever hear anything from us.

If your situation ever becomes involved with a court case, and is no longer contained on campus, we might be subpoenaed. We are not confidential resources in the eyes of the law. If you require this level of confidentiality, please reach out to Project Sister.

Education and Outreach
The Advocates also coordinate educational and outreach campaigns and events to inform the Mudd campus on the topics of sexual assault and consent. The Advocates have played a significant role in Consent Week and will lead the effort to build a supportive and welcoming campus for all members of the Mudd community.